Video Editor/Director/Art Director/Concept Development



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About me

Video Editor/Director/Art Director/Concept Development

Besides being an artist, songwriter and music producer, I have always had a passion for film, photography and visuals from an early age. From creating short films on my dads camcorder to directing, developing concepts and edit videos I am constantly evolving my eye for flow, novelty and creative expression.

I work in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Logic Pro(music production).

Above is a selection of my work. Some of my most recent videos and artwork is yet to be completed and released as part of my project and is therefore not displayed.


Uncomfortable (music video) - Sigrid Zeiner 2014

   producer/co-dicrector/AD/styling/set design/co-edit

Feel Like Home (music video) - Circumnavigate 2015


Lifelines (music video) - Circumnavigate - 2015


Breathe Slow (music video) - Circumnavigate 2015


Back In the Day (music video) - Circumnavigate 2016


Overload (music video) - Sigrid Zeiner 2017


Secret (music video) - Circumnavigate 2017


Feel Like Home (live & promo) 2017


Could You Be Good To Me (Paris, music video) - SA Zeiner (unreleased)


Could You Be Good To Me (music video) - SA Zeiner (2019)


Good For Your Ego (music/lyric video) - SA Zeiner (2019)


Could You Be Good To Me (live) - SA Zeiner (2019)


Forever, Here (live) - SA Zeiner (2019)


Same Side (music video) - Dawn Coulshed (2019)


Dreamer (music video) - Circumnavigate (2020)


Layer You Up (lyric video) - Circumnavigate (2020)


Keep a Moment (music video) - Circumnavigate (2020)


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